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1 (6)“I’d go vegan, but I just can’t give up cheese.”

Indeed – the lure of cheese is strong, and many of us have fallen to its siren call. We hope to be able to answer that call with the most delectable whole-foods, plant-based cheeses in the world! Our products were created by Miyoko Schinner, who embarked on a mission to recreate the range of flavors and textures she had once enjoyed from dairy cheeses before becoming vegan. Several years of experimentation culminated in the publication of her groundbreaking book, Artisan Vegan Cheese (Book Publishing Co., 2012), which she hoped would inspire others to make their own.

Despite the success of the book, people frequently requested that she simply make and sell them. To satisfy this demand, she assembled an amazing team of passionate vegans with expertise in different areas, and Miyoko’s Kitchen was born! Today, Miyoko’s Kitchen ships to all 50 States and is available in select retailers. Isn’t it time you came into The Kitchen?


Just Say …”Cultured Nut Product”

The next time you smile for the camera, say, ”Cultured nut product!”

Say what?!

In a nutshell, all food products are required by law to have an identifier, a word that describes what the product is, such as tea, bread, crackers, or — well, cheese.

Because our product isn’t made from dairy, in the state of California, we can’t call it cheese. Years ago, soy milk manufacturers faced a similar situation, but eventually won a legal battle to use the word milk.

As a small company just hitting the ground, we aren’t quite prepared to take on the state or federal governments, so we’ve decided simply to go with the flow, call our creations cultured nut products, and have fun with it! After all, we’re a team of cultured nuts ourselves.

About Us

Miyoko Schinner

Founder and CEO

The Big Cultured Nut Product

I adore the magic that happens in a kitchen: not just the food, but the joy and community it creates. After becoming a vegetarian overnight at the age of twelve, I was literally thrown into the fire when my mother decided just as quickly that she was no longer cooking for me. In high school, I held baking contests at home and read through the entire Time-Life Good Cook series. Returning to the land of my birth, Japan, after college, I discovered French cuisine and ate everything I possibly could that was laden in dairy but not meat (there are more Michelin-starred restaurants in Tokyo than all of France!). Eventually, I realized the toll that it was having on my health and became a vegan. Read More

Billy Bramblett


Cultured Nut Product Wiz

Billy is a soyfood pioneer and organic food advocate who was co-founder of Wildwood Natural Foods tofu company in 1980. Billy remained in day to day operations with Wildwood through 2006 as the company grew to $8M in gross sales. Over the years, Billy worked in virtually every aspect of Wildwood’s operation, from tofu maker, product developer, controller, chief administrator and overall production manager. In 2010, Billy became an investor in Hodo Soy Beanery in Oakland and was co-CEO there from 2011 through October, 2014. In 2014, he consulted for Miyoko Schinner as she built out her new vegan alternative cheese plant in Fairfax, CA and joined Miyoko’s Kitchen staff as COO in November 2014.

John Breen


Age only matters when you are a Cultured Nut Product

I have been a vegetarian since 1980 but I didn’t make it a full life style choice which included my work life as well as my personnel life until I started work at small vegan and organic food maker located in Fairfax, Ca in 1993. After all there is not much that is more important than food and there are huge problems with the food industry in the United States. Since 1993 I have always made it my highest priority to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. After some meandering travels but always working in the food business I find myself once again working at a small vegan and organic food maker located in Fairfax, CA. I am delighted to continue to be part of the solution which is represented by the fine, artisan and innovate products produced by Miyokos Kitchen.

Matt Smith

Quality Assurance Manager

The Cultured Nut Product Stands Alone

As a former high school math teacher, and a former (vegan) grill cook, I have loved every job and career path I have had, and am excited to be working at Miyoko’s Kitchen. I am continuing to make a living that comports with my values of compassion and service—and fun! Being detail-oriented, my responsibility as Co-Production manager is an ideal position to be in within the food production industry. With a keen eye and gentle hands, my mission at Miyoko’s Kitchen is to provide you with delicious, healthful, and compassionate products. Enjoy it!

Maria Chan

Administrative Manager

Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of Cultured Nuts

The power of one’s food choices cannot be understated. I’ve always believed that as consumers, we have the responsibility to make informed choices and the ability to make purchases that reflect a kinder and more compassionate society. I’m thrilled to be part of the team at Miyoko’s Kitchen where I’m able to put my diverse skills to use as “Jackie of all trades”. I’m also appreciative to be part of a group of dedicated and passionate individuals, all making a difference in our nutty ways. I hope you will join forces with us with each bite of our ‘cultured nut’ delicacy.

Jeremy Wiggins

Shipping Manager

I think we are all Cultured Nut Products

My name is Jeremy and I was born and raised in Northern New Mexico. I grew up exploring the ancient high desert landscape and looking at the stars. I spend my free time exploring the Mt. Tamalpa is watershed for waterfalls and trails and meadows off the beaten path. I also enjoy running in the foggy forest, wildlife watching and bird watching and hanging out with my best friend Sara. My spirit animals are the jack-rabbit, coyote, bobcat, and owl.  Since coming to Miyoko’s Kitchen in early 2015, I have had the pleasure of working with some great people with great attitudes. We spend our days solving good problems to have. I look forward to finding new paths in life, and shipping you the best vegan cheese on the planet.

Cathleen Mandigo

Marketing Director

You are what you eat. We’re all a little bit cultured nut products!

I have been in the food and kitchenware industry for over 30 years. Passionate about good clean food, minimizing chemicals and additives in our world food chain. It was a natural transition to join Miyoko’s Kitchen as Marketing Director of these fabulous products. I love what I do and love being a part of this team bringing an alternative to dairy products that is so healthy for us and with a mission to be a part of making this a better and more compassionate world.

Julio Rico

Production Manager

If you are what you eat, I’m proud to be a cultured nut product!

I’ve seen it, I’ve planned it, I work hard to achieve it!!  I am honored and excited to join this amazing team of people providing a cruelty free alternative to the WORLD one cheese at a time!! I am inspired by my peers and motivated by the fact that Miyoko’s is turning a concept into reality.

Welcome to Miyoko’s Creamery!

Miyoko’s Creamery is located in Fairfax, California, in a building that had been a natural food store for over two decades. With high, arched ceilings, sun pouring in through skylights, and old wood trusses, it is a place with real soul. Fairfax is a quaint town located in the heart of Marin County, a place long celebrated for organic agriculture, small family farms, and artisanal foods. Tucked between rolling hills reaching out to the Pacific can be found little farms lovingly growing organic produce, and passionate chefs carefully handcrafting foods for sale at the myriad farmer’s markets. Among them are many artisanal cheese companies regarded among the best in America. And now, with the launch of Miyoko’s Kitchen, Marin County can boast of the first artisanal vegan cheese company in Northern California!

Help save the world with a plant based diet

savetheworldEnjoy familiar flavors while reducing your global footprint and saving the lives of animals. A plant-based diet is the most effective way to combat global warming, and cultured nut products makes it a whole lot tastier! Whether you go 100% vegan or just do Meatless Mondays, be a part of the solution to keep our planet green and animals happy and healthy!We all care about the planet and want to do what we can to help preserve it. By adopting a plant-based diet, you can reduce your global footprint by a whopping 94 per cent! Instead of the 2 ½ acres to feed an omnivore, a vegan diet requires only a half-acre, so the savings in energy, water, and resources are huge. The United Nations stated that the single most effective way to avert global warming is a worldwide shift away from animal products. With Miyoko’s Creamery products, you can say “good-bye” to dairy and still enjoy all of the flavors, richness and textures you love — and help save the world!

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