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Welcome to Miyoko’s Kitchen! Looking for that perfect vegan holiday collection? Check out our popular Harvest Collection, ideal for entertaining in every setting. As always, made with love in California — for the animals, the planet, and your health.

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Harvest Collection of Vegan Cheeses
October 23, 2014

Wine & Cheese Party, Anyone?

Wine and cheese parties are beginning to seem all the rage at dinners, special events and even on social media lately as vegans (and cheese lovers) the nation over have begun popping corks to serve with their Miyoko’s Creamery cheeses. How exciting!

Help save the world with plant-based foods!

Enjoy delicious food and reduce your global footprint. A plant-based diet is an incredibly effective way to halt global warming, and vegan cultured nut products makes it a whole lot tastier! Whether you go 100% vegan or just do Meatless Mondays, be a part of the solution to keep our planet green and animals healthy and happy!